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We offer paper coffee cups, lids, wooden stir sticks, sleeves, and everything else your company needs to serve piping hot coffee. If you sell coffee, tea, or hot beverages of any kind, then Hot Cup Factory is here to help you.

For countless Americans, a cup of coffee is the foundation of their day, and providing this pick-me-up is a valuable public service. To that end, we have both plastic and wooden coffee stirrers for coffee shops, diners, restaurants, offices, and anywhere else.

About Our Plastic and Wooden Stir Sticks

If you need wholesale coffee stirrers, then there are two popular options to choose from. Eco-friendly wooden stir sticks come in cases of 500. These compostable stirrers are made from natural wood, and they make the perfect companion for any cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa. Hot Cup Factory also provides plastic stirrers that double as hot beverage plugs. After making their drink, your customers can simply snap off the end and use it as a plug for their coffee lid, ensuring a no-spill coffee experience.

No matter whether you choose plastic or wooden coffee stirrers, these are must-have instruments for any establishment that serves coffee.

Remember: Of all the coffee drinkers in the world, and there are a lot of them, over half (65%) prefer to add either sugar, milk, cream, or all three to their coffee. If you are running a business that offers coffee, cream, and sweetener but no wooden stir sticks, you might have some sort of coffee revolt on your hands. Don't forget these important tools; make sure you're considering these important pieces of coffee equipment when making your wholesale purchasing orders. 

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