Gelato Cups

Frozen Dessert Supplies is a premium supplier of gelato and with close to a decade of experience in the industry, Frozen Dessert Supplies is unrivaled in skill and knowledge and via our website, we have no restrictions, all sized orders can be placed and since we stock all the supplies which are featured on our website, orders will be sent immediately and we offer free shipping on all orders. Frozen Dessert Supplies offers the biggest selection of standard supplies in the industry, from gelato cups, cup lids, spoons and to-go containers and if you are seeking to purchase new gelato cups for a newly launched diner or restaurant, or simply seeking to introduce a new range of gelato cups to your existing establishment, you will be more than impressed with the wide selection of good quality gelato cups. Since our range of gelato cups is so extensive, establishments can personalize the cup choices to suit existing décor or theme, and in order to appreciate the full range of gelato cups, feel free to view the Frozen Dessert Supplies website at

The Frozen Dessert Supplies online buying site is simple to use and for those seeking gelato cups, they will be able to take their pick from dozens of designs and types, including custom logo printing gelato cups, where businesses can brand their gelato cups using our customized printing service. In addition to the customized gelato cups, we offer emerald gelato cups, joy cups service cups, simple white gelato cups and an appealing range of clown cups which are the perfect choice for children's theme party. The gelato clown cups can be used for serving gelato, frozen yogurt and ice-cream and are sold in sets of ten for the low price of only $40 per set. The gelato clown cups are unique and fascinating and the Frozen Dessert Supplies will assure buyers that their sales for gelato will be increased with these adorable gelato clown cups.

Over and above the fanciful gelato clown cups, buyers will be able to choose from sapphire gelato cups in blue, green and orange, along with cup lids and spoons to add to their order of gelato cups. No matter what you are looking for, you will be assured of finding all your needs on our easy to use and convenient online gelato buying site. Since we supply various gelato and ice cream accessories, we also stock cone holders, spatulas, pan liners and to-go containers. All of our prices are very affordable and because we stock all supplies, orders are shipped immediately. From sundae containers to spoons, as well as fanciful and simple gelato cups, we have them all. Simply browse our site and decide on the best range for establishment, and enjoy the lowest prices, as well as free ground shipping. Our clients include many top gelato and dessert suppliers. Be sure to make your purchase of gelato cups on our site and enjoy good quality at the lowest prices.