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If you're sick of the same boring coffee shop supplies and are looking for some great products at an affordable price, you have reached the right destination! Here at Hot Cup Factory, we take pride in assisting you throughout your journey as an entrepreneur and would love to eventually deliver some quality coffee shop supplies directly to your business's loading dock. If you've been searching and searching for coffee related products that are visually appealing, affordable, and functional, then look no further.

Whether you need custom paper cups, hot beverage containers, coffee stirrers, or any other type of coffee cups wholesale, then we've got you covered. Here are some of our excellent coffee shop supplies that stand out on the coffee product market:
  • Customizable Hot Paper Coffee Cups -- Sick of the same polystyrene cups? It's time to check out some of our awesome paper coffee cup designs. You can either choose an expertly design style of cup or have it customized to fit your branding. You can have your company's name or logo printed directly on the cups if you wish. Check out some of our amazing styles: Cozy Cafe, Roasted, Kraft Compostable, or create your own style!
  • Coffee Stirrer Straws -- Again, if you want your business to stand out a bit, you should probably ditch the boring, small, and weak coffee stirrers that are found just about everywhere else. At Hot Cup Factory, you can get all kinds of fun coffee stirrer and straws to help your business sizzle. Check out our durable Black Unwrapped stirrer straws, black and clear wrapped straws, mixed color straws, and our UNIQ Crazy Color changing straws.
  • The Basics -- You can't run your coffee shop without the right tools. When you need to stock up on all of the coffee shop supplies you could possibly need, you don't want to have to contact 10 different vendors every time you order. We offer everything you could possible need: hot drink sleeves, hot cup lids, tea and smoothie cups, wooden coffee stirrers, and more.
Whether you need our printed coffee cups, color stirrer straws, hot soup containers, sleeves, or lids, no order is too large or too small. Hot Cup Factory can help you acquire all these coffee shop supplies for a reasonable wholesale price. And with our stellar customer service, you can rest easy knowing your order will be delivered on time. Put an end to the boring coffee products and order some excellent and original products from Hot Cup Factory today!